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Regular Cast

Stephanie Zimbalist Laura Holt..... Stephanie Zimbalist

Pierce Brosnan Remington Steele..... Pierce Brosnan

Doris Roberts Mildred Krebs (episode 23-91)..... Doris Roberts

James Read Murphy Michaels (episode 1-22)..... James Read

Janet DeMayJanet DeMay Bernice Foxe (episode 1-22).....

Jack Scalia Tony Roselli (episode 89-91).... Jack Scalia

Blake Clark Fred (the chauffeur)..... Blake Clark

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Guest Appearances
(recurring roles first)

Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. Daniel Chalmers (episode 21, 47, 67, 91)..... Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.

Cassandra Harris Felicia (episode 5, 66, 67)
Anna Simpson (episode 41)..... Cassandra Harris

Beverly Garland Abigail Holt (Laura's mother, episode 5, 21)..... Beverly Garland

Frances Piper (Laura's sister, episode 36, 78)..... Maryedith Burrell

Donald Piper (Frances' husband, episode 36, 78)..... Michael Durrell

Norman Keyes (insurance detective, episode 60, 70, 88)..... James Tolkan

Detective Jarvis (episode 26, 55, 85)..... Gary Frank

George E. Mulch (episode 51, 57, 76)..... Michael Constantine

Rocky Sullivan (episode 43, 57)
Randi Russel (episode 10)..... Lynne Randall

Clarissa (episode 59, 87)..... Nancy Everhard

Major Descoine (episode 26, 37)
Client (episode 14)..... Guy Boyd

Minor Descoine (Major Descoine's daughter, episode 37)..... Quinn Cummings

Vincent Nash (episode 58)
Dancer/Anthony Delgetti (episode 74, 79)..... Don Gordon

Shannon Wayne (episode 89, 90)..... Sarah Douglas

Phil Haver (episode 11)
Jack Denver (episode 74)..... Peter Jurasik [Babylon 5]

Elliot Walsh (episode 18)
Kevin Masters (episode 42)..... J. D. Cannon

Jilliane Donovan (episode 16)..... Sharon Stone

Sandy Dalrymple (episode 63).... Geena Davis

Eva Wilson (episode 74)..... Jennifer Tilly

Dorothy Lamour (episode 52)..... herself

Virginia Mayo (episode 52)..... herself

Lloyd Nolan (episode 52)..... himself

Benjamin Pearson (episode 1)..... Phil Casnoff

Sheldon Quarry (episode 4)..... Thom Bray [Riptide]

Creighton Phillips (episode 6)..... Barry Van Dyke [Airwolf, Diagnosis Murder]

Ivan Turbell (episode 13)..... Paul Reiser [Brothers, My Two Dads, Mad About You]

Annie Carpenter (episode 16)..... Annie Potts

Lynette Mercer (episode 16)..... Allyce Beasley [Moonlighting]

Chrissie Carstairs (episode 18)..... Tracy Scoggins [The Colbys, Dynasty]

Wilson Jeffries (Laura's former boyfriend, episode 19)..... David Huffman

Kitty Dobbs (episode 20)..... Barbara Stock [Spenser: For Hire, Dallas]

Paul Dominick (episode 23)..... Vincent Baggetta

Alexander Sebastian (episode 23)..... David Warner

Captain Rios (episode 23)..... Pedro Armendariz, Jr.

Peggy Plummer (episode 23)..... Chloe Webb

Nancy Stinson Dannon (episode 25)..... Delta Burke [Designing Women]

Doris Wagenbocker (episode 29)..... Bibi Besch

Barney Kiernan (episode 30)..... Bert Remsen

Norman Baines (episode 31)..... Stephen Elliott

Victor Janoff (episode 33)..... Roy Dotrice [Beauty and the Beast]

Guy Nickerson (episode 34)..... A Martinez [Santa Barbara, L.A. Law]

Shelby Haines (episode 35)..... Carolyn Seymour

Barbara Frick (episode 35)..... Patricia Wettig [Thirtysomething, City Slickers]

Clarissa Custer (episode 40)..... Judith Light [Who's the boss?]

Anatol Blaylock (episode 42)..... Tom Baker [Dr. Who]

Nestor Bartholomew (episode 45).... Armin Shimerman [Star Trek: Deep Space Nine]

Gwen Whitewood (episode 48)..... Merete Van Kamp [Princess Daisy, Dallas]

Jackie Crawford (episode 50)..... Meeno Peluce [Voyagers]

Nathan Fitts (episode 53)..... John Larroquette [Night Court, The John Larroquette Show]

Nancy Evans (episode 53)..... Kate Vernon [Falcon Crest, Who's the boss?]

Maxwell Donahue/Atomic Man (episode 56)..... Conrad Janis [Mork and Mindy]

Jennifer Davenport (episode 56)..... Nancy Stafford [St. Elsewhere, Matlock]

Brian Hunter (episode 58)..... Robert Desiderio [Knots Landing]

Silver (episode 60)..... Jack Bannon [Lou Grant]

Claudia Sterling (episode 61)..... Savannah Smith Boucher

Maynard Stockman (episode 63)..... G. W. Bailey

Judy Fishbane (episode 64)..... Gretchen Wyler

William Westfield (episode 65)..... James Houghton [Knots Landing, The Colbys]

Chief Inspector Lombard (episode 66, 67)..... Julian Glover

Earl of Claridge (episode 67)..... Simon Oates

Eileen Fitzgerald (episode 68)..... Nana Visitor [Star Trek: Deep Space Nine]

Christy McCall (episode 70)..... Stephanie Blackmore

Norman Austin (episode 75).... John McCook [The Bold and the Beautiful]

Bingham Perret (episode 77)..... Louie Anderson

Billie Young (episode 82).... Rose Marie [The Dick Van Dyke Show]

Charles Wellington (episode 83).... Dan O'Herlihy [A Man Called Sloan]

Clerk (episode 90)..... Colm Meaney [Star Trek: The Next Generation/Deep Space Nine]

and many more

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Production Credits

Production Company..... MTM Productions

Creators..... Michael Gleason, Robert Butler

Executive Producers..... Michael Gleason, Glenn Gordon Caron, Karen Arthur

Music.... Henry Mancini, Richard Lewis Warren, Donald Nemitz

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